Learn ANY language in months. Fun, fast and easily!

The E-Book is still on sale. It’s 50% off for a limited time.

Fluency Made Easy eBook
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The ultimate step by step guide to learning ANY language.

$19.99 USD

$40.00 USD

Fluency Made Easy eBook
New tag book

The ultimate step by step guide to learning ANY language. 

$19.99 USD

$40.00 USD

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What's inside the book:

● THE FME METHOD: The most fun and effective way to learn any new language. With the method, 6-12 months is all you need to go from a complete beginner to fluent.


● THE RIGHT RESOURCES: Many people waste hundreds of dollars and months of time by using the wrong resources. Not you! FME covers all of the best resources to use from the start. (Both free and paid!)


● THE KNOW-HOW: The book is 80 pages, full of practical, immediately usable tips and techniques. You can read it in a day and gain years of language learning wisdom.


● EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS: Save money on every tool / program recommended in the E-book with discounts only available in Fluency Made Easy.

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FME is transforming lives:

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Why learn a new language? ​

Learning a new language is extremely beneficial.

Yet, despite all of its benefits people still shy away from it. Many think that learning a new language will take too long, be too difficult or cost too much.


However, that’s not true.

You can become fluent in your target language in 6 months, while having fun, watching TV, listening to music, studying a small amount per day and barely spending any money.


Achieving fluency isn’t all that hard. In fact…

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It's easy when you have:

● A solid method to follow that takes you through learning your new language step-by-step.


● A good idea of what to expect mentally.


● Belief in yourself.

Unfortunately when learning a language for it’s likely that you won’t have those three things.


1. You won’t have a clear path that’s designed to get them to your goals quickly.


2. You won’t know how you should expect to feel mentally at different stages of your language journey.


3. You’ll lack belief in yourself either due to previous poor experiences with languages, or due to rumors/myths that language learning is too challenging.


The lack of these three essential elements is a large reason why people give up! This is exactly why Fluency Made Easy was written. It is designed to help you in these three areas. In fact, FME can benefit you in so many different ways.


The E-Book:

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Who is FME for?

It is for anyone of any age, from any place, who wants to learn a new language.


Specifically, I created this book with my past self in mind….When I was learning my first language, I encountered many difficulties: 


I didn’t know which programs work, how long to study per day, how to properly incorporate TV shows into my routine, whether I was smart enough, how to advance from beginner to intermediate levels, etc. 


There were so many things I didn’t know. It felt like I was trying to figure out a puzzle without knowing the shapes of the pieces. 


Language learning is certainly tricky in the beginning. So I wanted to make a guide that would have helped my former self the most. By showcasing step by step how to approach any language to achieve the best results. I know if I had read a book like this all those years back, I would have been able to save so much time, frustration and money in my endeavors to learn languages.

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About me:

Based on the languages I speak you may wonder if I’m naturally skilled at languages? 

No. Not at all.


Like most people there was a point in my life where I felt languages were 100%, without a doubt, not my thing. I had the common “learning Spanish in high school” experience. Meaning, by the end of several years of study I could barely piece together a sentence. I also had a shoddy accent, and subpar grades.


Unfortunately, the way teachers teach languages in most schools is not correct. They go against the natural order of things. They start off with route vocabulary memorization, grammar and grading which is the exact opposite of how humans actually learn languages.


The natural way to learn a language is very simple. There are three main stages. Input, Output and Refinement.


These stages are the core of Fluency Made Easy. Within the book you’ll learn how to best handle each of these stages, which resources to use, and how long each stage lasts for. 

Will you start now too?

One of the reasons why I began to learn languages was because I wanted my future to be as bright as possible. I started teaching myself when I was 15 and clearly remember telling myself:


“Ike, one day you are going to wake up and instead of 15, you will be 20 or even 25…and that day will come sooner than you expect. So when you wake up in the future do you want to wake up empty handed thinking back and wishing you had started to learn languages years ago? Or are you going to wake up with several languages in your brain, satisfied at what you’ve accomplished?”


I am very grateful I had that realization all those years back. Nowadays, I profit from the work my past self has put in. When I wake up, I have the ability to speak different languages, all because my younger self decided to start taking languages seriously.


I highly recommend you to do the same.

It’s never too late to start learning.

You don’t need to be a kid to learn a language to fluency. You don’t need to be a genius, or even consider yourself good at languages. You have it in you, all you need is the know-how (that’s where Fluency Made Easy comes in)!


I’m sure you probably wish you had started sooner. Even I wish that I had. However, it doesn’t matter. 


There’s a Chinese saying:



“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”


All that matters is that you start now. Invest in yourself. Give a gift to future you.


Make a decision that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Don’t procrastinate. If there’s a language you’ve always wanted to learn. Don’t wait.


Don’t put it off another day.

Fluency Made Easy is a steal.

The information you will learn in the book will end up saving you hundreds of dollars, months if not years of time, and of course, will actually get you to fluency. 

Within the book there are discounts on recommend programs that actually amount to more than the price of this book! So not only are you saving money in the long term, you’re saving it in the short term as well.


Buy Fluency Made Easy and go after that language you’ve always wanted to learn. Your all-in-one guide to your dream language is only a click away.

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Need more proof that FME works?

I recorded myself using the Fluency Made Easy method to learn French. See below my progress in only six months (the FME Method is applicable to any and every language):


The E-Book is still on sale. It’s 50% off for a limited time.

Order the E-Book for $19.99.

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More reviews ★★★★★

The response to Fluency Made Easy has been overwhelmingly positive, here are only a few of the amazing reviews received from readers:

Matthew Johnson
Matthew JohnsonGoodreads review
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Hands down the best book for anyone new to language learning! I've recommended it to all my language partners, and bought a copy for my brother. It maps out everything in explicit detail to get you from absolute beginner to about B1/B2 level in any language, AND it tells you exactly how long to expect to reach fluency for each language (usually around 3-6 months per language, depending).
 Antonio R.
Antonio R.Email review
Read More
I had a blast reading it. It was easy to follow and it really motivated me to learn a new language. When I finished reading it, I felt like I am not alone in trying to learn a new language. And I know that whenever I feel a lack of motivation, I can always come back and read your book again. I hope that by adhering to the FME method through thick and thin, I can attain some level of fluency. Three days ago I started using the Pimsleur app, and it is a beast. It is a very fun app and it really helps. For now, I can only be grateful that I have read this book.
DarrenGoodreads review
Read More
I've gone through MANY language methods that left me bored over time. This book is different because Ikenna gives you a DETAILED TIMELINE on where you should be once you finish certain courses. This is huge because it sets a realistic bar and expectation for you to reach each stage of learning. Let's be honest, we all have this fantasy that we're going to study one method and we'll be fluent. In many cases, it doesn't happen for the average person. Ikenna categorizes our learning stages to make us understand where you stand and where you should be striving for in the future. To me, that is the difference in this book as opposed to others.
Michael Villari
Michael VillariYoutube Comment
Read More
Just bought and finished reading the book! EXCELLENT METHOD, any other way I've attampted to learn languages in the past really lacks focus by comparison. Thank you.
Melinda X
Melinda XGoodreads review
Read More
I have read the entire book. It was very inspirational. I have already started my input stage and have never felt this confident about learning a language before. It’s even more fun as well. I get excited to learn something new each day and I don’t feel burned out. I am currently learning French. At first I was intimidated by the accent and if I would actually retain anything, but using the tips from the book and even some from his YouTube videos, I am able to stay focused and stay optimistic.
BadriaYoutube Comment
Read More
I just finished reading your book and honestly I am so, so , SO glad I came across a condensed and practical way to learn languages. I have always wanted to learn French but kind of floated from one method to the next like a lost jellyfish of sorts. I'm really excited to start on an efficient note tbh!
Neeh N.
Neeh N.Email review
Read More
I finished it the day I bought it. It really helped remove a lot of the fear I had going in to learning my new language, and feel I’ve made a great deal of progress in just a short period of time.